Registration Rules 域名登記細則

To purchase a .hk domain name, you are require to meet the following registration qualifications:

Excerpts from the Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited
Rules for .hk Domain and Sub-domains 
[Effective 1 June 2001]


1.1 Customers are required to prove that they are companies and organizations registered or incorporated in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("HKSAR") by providing relevant registration documents issued by the appropriate local public body or registry when submitting the Application Form to the Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited ("HKDNR"). 

1.2 The following documentary proofs in relation to different second-level domains should be provided -

1.2.1 - for commercial entities with a Business Registration Certificate from the Inland Revenue Department of the Government of HKSAR or a Certificate of Registration of Overseas Company from the Companies Registry of the Government of HKSAR;


You are also required to have at least two Name Servers:


6. Active Name Servers

6.1 At least two independent name servers listed in the application form should be operational, connected to the Internet, and able to receive queries in relation to the Domain Name and respond to any such queries accordingly.  The contact persons provided should be responsible for and familiar with the Domain Name service and its operation.

6.2 Pursuant to Clause 21(d)(v) of the Registration Agreement Version 4.0 ("Registration Agreement"), HKDNR can remove a Domain Name if the name servers listed in the Customer's application are not fully set up, operational or connected to the Internet within thirty (30) calendar days after the activation date of the Domain Name or that the name servers persistently do not respond to the queries in relation to the Domain Name.


Other relevant information:


7. Multiple Domain Names

7.1  There is no limit on the number of Domain Names allowed to be registered by a qualified Customer.

7.2  An organization can register Domain Names provided that it fulfils the requirements specified in Rule 1.2 for those particular domains.

8. Transfer of Domain Names  

8.1 Domain names are transferable if two parties mutually consent.

8.2  A Transferee should present evidence of mutual consent between the Customer and the Transferee when applying for a transfer of Domain Name.

8.3  The Transferee and the Customer should jointly execute the Transfer Form.

8.4 The Transferee should fulfil the application qualifications.

8.5  An administration fee will be charged in addition to the Domain Name registration fee for effecting a transfer of a Domain Name.

9. Passwords

9.1  Customers are required to choose and assign a password to each of their registered Domain Names.  The password will be used as the identification key for future modification of their Domain Name registration information.  It is the Customers' sole responsibility to safeguard their passwords from any unauthorized use.  In no event will HKDNR be liable for the unauthorized use or misuse of a Customer's password.  

16.4 Fee Schedule

HK$ Per Domain Name 


Registration of New Domain Name


Renewal Fee  

- for 1-year renewal contract


- for 2-year renewal contract


- for 3-year renewal contract 


- for 5-year renewal contract


Transfer of Domain Name


including $200 initial registration fee for new domain name 

Late Charge /Re-instatement Charge


Modification of Registration Information


For Customers submit to previous terms of HKNIC Registration Agreement Version 1.x or 2.xx


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